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Montessori - Fruit & Color Matching Game

Montessori - Fruit & Color Matching Game

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How to Play

My child is extremely happy with my gift. This Fruit & Color Game is a must-have for children for early development to recognize colors and develop their fine motor skills. This toy is very useful for kids instead of using gadgets which are harmful to their health and growth.

Let Your Child Learn Various Color and Shapes in an Interactive Way 

Do you need an amazing toy to develop the logical thinking of your kids? Let your kids not only enjoy the game but also to unleash their potential with this Fruit and Color Matching Game!

Montessori - Fruit & Color Matching Game allows your children to not only enjoy the game but also unleash their full potential. It aims to provide hours of mind-bending entertainment!

Instead of playing with non-educational toys or playing games on gadgets, let your kids play with this interactive toy. Choose random title cards, follow the pattern, then move the beads according to the layout. 

This Matching Game is an interactive learning toy with a double-sided design for selecting colors and fruits. It aids in the early development of children's color recognition and their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and matching skills.


✔️ Double-Sided Matching Game

Our fruit and color matching game has a color board on one side and a fruit board on the other side.

✔️ Premium Material

Our products are built of high-quality solid wood that is environmentally friendly, natural, and odourless. The items are exquisitely crafted and hand-polished to ensure that the surface is smooth and free of burrs that allow children to play better.

✔️ Development

The four-color fruit logic game develops a child’s cognitive thinking skills, color discrimination ability, cultivate sharp observation and logical thinking skills that are ideal for providing an early start on your child’s STEM development.

✔️ Perfect Bonding

An interactive toy for parents and children - to create fun and memorable memories.

✔️ Ideal Gift

It is a fun toy and a perfect gift for kids to relax and rest during special occasions such as Birthdays, Christmas, Holidays, etc.

  1. An innovative designed simple stand that builds the toy.

  2. Randomly take a card.

  3. Move the beads to the corresponding position according to the Suitable color or fruits on the card.


  • Material: High Quality Wood
  • Age Range: > 3 years old
  • Weight: 0.3 KG
  • Dimensions: 22.5 X 18cm (Wood Montessori Toy) & 9 X 5cm (Title Cards)



  • 1 x Wood Montessori Toy
  • 18 x Title Cards
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