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Talking Flash Cards - Montessori Toys Flash Cards (224+ words)

Talking Flash Cards - Montessori Toys Flash Cards (224+ words)

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Unlocking your child's potential has never been so fun! ✨

Endless Fun: Over 200 unique cards of animals, food, fruits, and many more keep your child busy and happy for hours on end! 

Unlock Your Child’s Full Potential

Instantly improve your child's vocabulary and speech with this ALL NEW education toy! With over 200+ cards of animals, food, and more, this Sound Toy elevates your little one’s development with fun and interactive learning.

Promotes Development & Advanced Learning

This interactive toy strengthens the link between words, objects and sounds, resulting in improved speech development! With a few hours a week, this toy enhances your child’s cognitive ability, speech & hearing and vocabulary.

Reduces Risk Of Speech Disorders

Early interactive learning with new words enhances language development and reduces stuttering, apraxia, and dysarthria. Sound Toy is designed for your child’s success by providing endless joy and imaginative learning.

Easy To Play For Kids & Parents

1. Insert the card into the device.

2. Device repeats the word and sound.

3. Press left button to repeat word and sound.

This fun, educational toy is guaranteed to awe your child and keep them entertained all day!

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